The following prices are excluding Value Added Tax (VAT) at 20%.

 SalePurchaseNew Builds
Price RangeFreeholdLeaseholdFreeholdLeaseholdFreeholdLeasehold
Up to £200,000£925£1050£925£1050£1075£1275
£201,000 to £300,000£950£1075£950£1075£1100£1350
£300,001 – £400,000£970£1150£970£1150£1175£1400
£400,001 – £500,000£995£1200£995£1200£1225£1425
£500,001 – £600,000£1025£1225£1025£1225£1375£1470
£600,001 – £800,000£1045£1245£1045£1245£1460£1585
£800,001 – £1,000,000£1150£1445£1150£1445£1520£1645
Above £1,000,000£1350£1745£1350£1745£1750£1885
Prepare Auction pack for sale£750Help to Buy£995
Finalise sale after auction£500Right to Buy£750
Review & report on purchase at Auction£600Staircasing£695
Finalise purchase after auction£695Equity Release£995
Trust Deeds£200Purchase Rent Charge / Freehold£495
Assent£495Set up management company£495
Assent with 1St reg£795Transfer of Equity – no mortgage£495
Vol 1st Reg£200 per hourTransfer of Equity with Mortgage£795
Leases£200 per hourRe-Mortgage£595
Lease extension£850Transfer of part£995
Will – Single£195Power of Attorney – Health & Welfare£300
Will – Joint (Mirror)£295Power of Attorney – Property & Finance£300
Severance£95Office of Public Guardian Fee for POA£82

McGill Fees

McGill Sale Freehold£250McGill register sale of Freehold£150
McGill Sale of ARC£175  
Standard Disbursements Fees Services not included in the fixed costs
Identification fee£3  
Search Fee£400 Office copy entries each£3
Land Registry FeeNew fees as at 31/01/2022 Bank transfer Fee£30
Bankruptcy Search Fee£2 per person            No VAT  
Final Search Fee£3 per Property         No VAT  
Non Standard Disbursement Fee   
Indemnity policiesCost to be confirmed based on requirements  
Probate Fees   
Deed of Variation£1000  
Fixed Fee obtaining Grant ONLY (IHT205)£1000  
Fixed Fee obtaining Grant ONLY (IHT400 and schedules)Starting from £2,000.  The fee will be determined following an assessment of the size of the estate.  
Discretionary Trust£750  
Trust Deeds£200 – £500  
Certified copy LPA per part per copy£50  
Administration of estate£235 per hour – fixed fee may be available depending on the size of the estate.  

Stamp Duty or Land Tax

This depends on the purchase price of the property you purchase. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website or if the property is located in Wales  Welsh Revenue Authority’s website.

Our Fees assume that:

  • This is a standard transaction with no unforeseen issues arising 
  • The property has not been purchased at Auction prior to our being instructed to act
  • The transaction encounters no unanticipated issue and is completed in a timely manner