Questions & Answers

At Fussell Wright we understand that you may have questions about our services and that is why we have listed some of our most common questions and answers for you.

Below you will find answers to questions ranging across most of our services from Will and Probate creation to Buying and Selling Commercial Property.

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Lasting Power of Attorney: Who should you appoint?

When choosing a person to be appointed for your LPA, you should consider:

  • How well you know the person
  • If you can trust the person to make decisions on your behalf
  • How well they manage their own finances
  • How happy the person will be to take on the role as it places a lot of responsibility on the person in question
  • You can choose anyone to be an ‘attorney’ for you, whether that is a close friend, a family member or a professional. Moreover you can choose to have more that one person appointed to prevent abuse of the role.

What should I include in my Will?

When creating your will you should clearly state the person(s) and / or organization(s) to whom you wish to leave money or certain items.

Also you should clearly state how much money you would like each person or organisation to receive. If you are leaving items then list these in as much detail as possible.

You can pass on any item you choose, however big or small. The obvious being:

  • Any property owned
  • Vehicles
  • Jewellery and antiques
  • Sentimental items

Furthermore, when creating a Will be sure to include details about any bank accounts, shares and insurance policies that you have and what you would like done with them once you pass away.

Whom you choose to include in your Will is ultimately down to you and should not be dictated by anyone. As a starting point to whom to choose, think about the following:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Charities
  • Pets

How do I choose a nursing home?

Choosing a nursing home for your loved one can be emotionally difficult. Always think about what would be best for your loved one and choose a nursing home based on their needs.

Take the time to research local nursing homes and make a point of physically visiting every one of them. Base your opinion on all aspects of the service given; if a receptionist is rude on the phone then think carefully about the nursing home; you may be having regular contact with this person and so they should be polite at all times.

Prepare a list of potential questions regarding the service that will be provided for your loved one. This way you can ask them in an organised fashion, ensuring that you ask consistent questions to every home you visit.

Go with your first impressions – is the home bright and cheerful? Do the residents look happy and entertained? Could you see your loved one here? Are the staff calm and collected or stressed?